Weather data

Weather can be one of the most challenging logistical issues when it comes to flying drones. Proper understanding of weather and forecasts is crucial to your success so we provide accurate weather data to support your decision.


Eliminate Uncertainty

Predicted temperature, wind speed (at varying altitudes) and expected precipitation are all key elements which can define the success of your drone mission. Weather is also becoming increasingly important in pre-flight risk assessments to accurately assess the level of risk involved.

That’s why we’ve included hourly weather data in all of our plans.

  • Localised weather to mission area
  • High and Low Temperature
  • Wind Profile
  • Cloud and Visibility
  • Precipitation
  • Air Pressure and Humidity
  • UV Level
  • Dawn and Dusk Times
  • Moon Phase
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Our weather data, powered by DarkSky, provides highly accurate forecasts, allowing drone operators to manage their time and tasks efficiently, making use of the best flying times and delivering for their customers in changeable weather conditions, to support getting the best from your drone operations