FAQs - New Sign in and Registration

Our sign in and registration process is changing - here's everything you need to know.

Watch our Customer Success Manager, Callum Holland, explain the new sign in process in this video, or keep scrolling for the full FAQs.


What is changing?

We're changing our sign in and registration process to make it easier for users to sign in or register with existing Google or Microsoft credentials. Our new sign in and registration process went live on Monday 17th February 2020.

Why is this changing?

We are dedicated to ensuring the sensitive information stored on our platform is fully protected. As a product of Thales, digital security is fundamental to our operations, and is the foundation of everything we do.

It was because of this commitment to security that we built the original registration and sign in process. However feedback from you, our users, had told us that this was causing difficulties in accessing SOARIZON.

Our new sign in process is clean, simple and secure, and will allow you to sign in to your SOARIZON account with your existing Google or Microsoft credentials.

Is my data still secure?

Login screen

Yes. We explored many options for our new sign in process and only implemented it once we were satisfied it meets our rigorous security standards.

How do I sign in or register?

If you registered previously will a Google or Gmail email address, select Continue with Google.

If you registered previously with a Microsoft or Hotmail email address, select Continue with Microsoft.

You can also sign in or register via your LinkedIn credentials by selecting Continue with LinkedIn.

If you're a new SOARIZON user with a Google or Microsoft account, you can also set up your new account through either of these options.

I don't have a Microsoft or Google email - How do I log in or register?

If you created your SOARIZON account before Monday 17th February 2020 you will have linked your chosen email address to a Microsoft account. This means that you can still sign in by selecting Continue with Microsoft.

Don't want to log in with Microsoft or Google credentials?

That's no problem. If you prefer, you can also set up your access via a local account by selecting the ‘sign up now’ link at the bottom of the page. 

This will allow you to enter your existing sign in credentials including your new password.  Once this step is completed you will have access to the data contained within your existing SOARIZON account.

I'm a new SOARIZON user - how do I sign up?

If you're a new SOARIZON user, you can choose to sign up directly through the Google or Microsoft options, or alternatively  select 'sign up now' at the bottom of the page, and enter your credentials on the registration page.

Still having trouble signing in?

Drop us a line at customerservice@soarizon.io and one of the team will be in touch to help you within 24 hours.



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