Our team is a collective of individuals who are passionate about creating a world-class drone management solution.

We work with a range of organisations, we use open innovation to uncover market requirements, develop new capabilities and find creative ways to solve problems.

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Michael Oliver


Running SOARIZON from day one, Mike has grown the concept from early user design through Thales’ digital incubator in Paris, on to its beta phase, and then to its market launch in 2019. He believes passionately in the potential for scaled drone operations to provide game-changing insights and interventions. Mike has a wealth of experience in leading high-performing teams and establishing lean and agile working methodologies. For over 20 years, he’s run innovation and business intelligence departments both in the public sector and large organisations.

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Karim Cosslett

Head of Sales

Karim believes passionately that if we’re able to fully utilise and enable drone technology, we could alleviate many human problems, and create a genuine paradigm shift in the way we do things, solve problems and, ultimately, live our lives. An expert in the unmanned air systems industry, Karim previously held a senior leadership position in one of the UK’s largest commercial drone operations and training businesses. Karim served as an officer in the Royal Air Force and regularly speaks at industry events globally and has contributed to both regulatory and government papers on the future of unmanned flight.

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Marion Le Masson

Product Manager

Marion has been part of the SOARIZON journey right from the very beginning. Being part of the Digital Factory team in Paris, France, she even moved to Crawley, England to keep being part of our journey. Marion will go above and beyond to ensure the project goals are met and the team performs to the best of their ability.

Callum Holland image

Callum Holland

Customer Success Manager

Callum has a strong background in UAS and law enforcement, operating drones for a variety of data acquisition tasks. The key focus for him is that the data that drones collect should be central to any operation, not the aircraft or other complexity. Achieving success is most important aspect for Callum as he works with our customers to contribute towards a safer, smarter world, making better, faster decisions.

Tom Sargent image

Tom Sargent

Growth Hacker

Tom is a huge drone enthusiast with a background in robotics, AI and software and has been involved with SOARIZON since day one. Originally as a full stack developer he has recently moved into his new role as the team Growth Hacker. Being data driven, creative and analytical makes Tom perfect for this role as he tracks product usage, identifies new value and ultimately grows the product into what the market needs.

Ben Orcan image

Ben Orcan

Innovation Manager

Ben pulls together interesting ideas, capabilities and use cases, to bring an innovative edge to SOARIZON and prove concepts on or off our product roadmap. His passion for travel, developing relationships and a background in project management combine effectively to make him our favourite Open Innovation and Partnerships Lead. His feet rarely touch the ground, and he’s typically found meeting with potential partners, or conducting interesting proof of concepts.

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