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Ben Orcan / May 23, 2019

Demonstrating 3D data processing on Snowdon!

Ben Orcan By Ben Orcan

On Tuesday the 21st of May, members of the SOARIZON team, along side a commercial drone operator completed a proof of concept video on top of England & Wales highest mountain! We demonstrated to the world just how powerful the SOARIZON platform could be, not only in planning and execution, but also in post data capture processing.

Led by Ben Orcan, our very own Open Innovations Manager, the objective was clear, how could we establish a market pull for this innovative new feature set. The answer? Well to climb the United Kingdom's second highest mountain peak at the crack of dawn and do some filming, of course!

Working closely with our design team we have developed a video (watch this space) that shows a commercial drone pilot not only using SOARIZON to safely, and efficiently, plan his mission, but also having it 'hoover up' all of the imagery taken and handling all of the post data processing in order to create a beautiful 3D model. We believe the industry will be blown away by this future offering, a comprehensive, end to end drone management platform with cloud based data processing.

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