Open innovation

SOARIZON's ethos of open innovation is what drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

We work with a range of organisations, we use open innovation to uncover market requirements, develop new capabilities and find creative ways to solve real-world problems.

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Pioneering medical drone delivery for NHS Scotland.

In May 2020, with the world in the grips of the global COVID 19 pandemic, the SOARIZON by Thales team worked in partnership with drone deliveries provider Skyports, on a ground-breaking, first of its kind, medical drone delivery trial to speed up transport of test kits.

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Mapping land cadastre parcels with drones and AI

Clear, legal and secure land ownership plays a vital role in a country's economic growth. We partnered with IMGeospatial in Shesh, Albania to develop an integrated service using drone-captured data and AI to help identify and register land cadastre parcels.  

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Land cadastre

Using drone-captured data and intelligent AI for road traffic management

In a joint innovation with the UK Government’s Digital Catapult, alongside data processing start-up Transpix and Ground Level Up, we proved the value of data acquired by drones being applied to analyse local road networks.

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Helping Emergency Services deploy drones faster

We worked with Essex Police Drone Unit, alongside Essex Search and Rescue and SkyBound Rescuer to run a simulated rapid response operation utilising drones to locate a vulnerable missing person.

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Demonstrating powerful data processing on Mount Snowdon

To demonstrate the value of 3D data processing integration into SOARIZON, our team took a drone to the top of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to capture data in order to generate a 3D model of the Cafe at the summit.

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We're always looking for interesting new projects involving UAS which solve existing problems and have real commercial viability. If you'd like to work with us on an innovation project, proof of concept or new service, just get in touch with us below.

Callum Holland The Rise and Rise of Drones

Up and down the country a quiet revolution is taking place. We stand at the dawn of a new Age of Drones. Within a few years they will become a ubiquitous frontline resource of the UK's emergency services.

Francesca Oliver Five key trends for drones in the agricultural sector

Drones are increasingly being used in the agricultural sector to help reduce error by providing more accurate data and facilitating a quicker response to adverse weather conditions and disasters, such as floods or droughts. Drones can be used in various aspects of agricultural work, including seeding, livestock, spraying, maintaining insecticide and pesticide levels, and monitoring irrigation systems.

The SOARIZON Team How to activate your SOARIZON Elevate Trial

SOARIZON Elevate makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members or others within your organisation. Simply choose the number of seats you need for your team, and start working together on projects and missions within your organisation.