We are passionate about drones and the perspective they offer of our world.

We aim to change the world for society by providing the underpinning technologies that unlock scaled drone operations, but we cannot do it alone. 

That's why we've built an ecosystem of partners, each cutting-edge leaders in their field, to empower drone pilots and operators across every sector, to unleash the potential of drones and their amazing data acquisition power.



    Leading training provider delivers a range of training options for drone pilots online through Heliguy Blackbox.

  • Moonrock Drone Insurance


    Moonrock insurance offers comprehensive, cost-effective drone insurance and is considered the leading provider in the industry.

  • Iris Automation Inc.

    Detect & Avoid

    Iris Automation is the market leader in Detect and Avoid technology for UAS.

  • The Virtulab

    3D Data Processing

    The Virtulab provides expert data processing and visualisation services such as Thermal Condition Reporting, LiDAR, orthomosaics and 3D modelling.

  • Consortiq


    Consortiq provides consultancy support to organisations, helping them create compliant UAS programmes with confidence.

Callum Holland The Rise and Rise of Drones

Up and down the country a quiet revolution is taking place. We stand at the dawn of a new Age of Drones. Within a few years they will become a ubiquitous frontline resource of the UK's emergency services.

Francesca Oliver Five key trends for drones in the agricultural sector

Drones are increasingly being used in the agricultural sector to help reduce error by providing more accurate data and facilitating a quicker response to adverse weather conditions and disasters, such as floods or droughts. Drones can be used in various aspects of agricultural work, including seeding, livestock, spraying, maintaining insecticide and pesticide levels, and monitoring irrigation systems.

The SOARIZON Team How to activate your SOARIZON Elevate Trial

SOARIZON Elevate makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members or others within your organisation. Simply choose the number of seats you need for your team, and start working together on projects and missions within your organisation.