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We're committed to continuously improving the SOARIZON ecosystem, whether it's building new features, forging partnerships or expanding our service offering.

At SOARIZON we believe in transparency between us and our customers. This roadmap is designed to help you understand the ideas we are working on now and in the future, and we hope that by sharing our plans and inviting your feedback, we can build a democracy of users around SOARIZON to ensure we develop the tools, features and services that you need most.

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Something you'd like to see?   We'd love to hear about what new features and services you'd like to see in SOARIZON to help make your UAS operations easier, more effective and more productive.  Whether you're working with drones in infrastructure, agriculture, Oil and Gas or any other sector, drop us a line below to let us know what you think.

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The SOARIZON Team Thales and Skyports partner to conduct drone delivery trial for NHS Scotland to support UK COVID-19 response

The aim of the trial is to prove the feasibility of transporting urgent medical cargo, such as COVID-19 test kits and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), between remote medical facilities by delivery drone.

The SOARIZON Team Demonstrating powerful 3D data processing on Mount Snowdon

Last summer, members of the SOARIZON team headed to the top of Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon, to capture data for a 3D modelling project.

Brijesh Soni 9 tips to keep your Agile team motivated and productive at home.

Agile working is all about moving quickly, empowering colleagues to make decisions and learning together. Face to face interactions are a huge part of making it work, so how do you stay Agile remotely?   SOARIZON's Scrum Master, Brij Soni, shares his top tips.

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