What's next for SOARIZON?

SOARIZON is evolving. We have built our brand new release based on feedback from you, our users.


One of the biggest factors driving SOARIZON's growth is our users. We have dedicated User Experience (UX) Engineers that work closely with our users and other UAS operators to ensure that we are building a product fit for the needs of the market.smartmockups_k92sor0j

The ideas and insights we have gathered over the last few months has lead to an exciting new release. This is one big update packed with new features such as a rich Map Interrogation, the ability to modifying and adapt a flight plan right up to the moment of take-off which we call Non-Linear Flight Planning, and everything is wrapped in a New User Interface to give consistency across all your devices.

This new release is live! You can find out more in the video below or create an account for free and experience it yourself.


As always, if you have any further questions or are interested in becoming a SOARIZON User Tester you can reach out to us at customerservice@soarizon.io 


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